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Create a playlist from existing ones that helps you keep track of time.
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What is Music Timer?


Music Timer creates playlists for you from your Spotify or Soundcloud playlists. You specify how long you want the playlist to be, and it makes it for you. This way, you can use your music to keep track of time. Whether to time a presentation, or keep track of how long you've been running, Music Timer has got your back!


To use Music Timer, first you log in with either Spotify or Soundcloud so we can access your playlists. Then, you specify a time in hours, minutes, and seconds (up to 24 hours), select the playlists you want to take songs from, and press Submit! If it works, it'll let you know and you can go check it out.


For Spotify, local files will not be counted in the creation of a playlist! Both your public and private playlists, are, however, accessible and usable.
For Soundcloud, private playlists can not be read. If you want to use a certain playlist of yours, make it public temporarily so Music Timer can see it.

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Powered By...

The Spotify Web API. Explore it and learn more here.
The Soundcloud API. Explore it and learn more here.

Additional resources include:
- Express.js
- Pure CSS
- Font Awesome
- Bootstrap
- Heroku

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does it take so long sometimes?

A: Music Timer has to process all the playlists you enter, so if you put in playlists with a lot of songs, it will naturally take longer than if you put in fewer songs.

Q: Why does my playlist on Spotify have a different length than I submitted?

A: Music Timer is more accurate because it uses milliseconds to time each song, whereas Spotify calculates the time estimate of each song to the nearest second. There will be a gap between Spotify's estimate and the playlist's true length. Rest assured, however, that the playlist is exactly as long as you want.

Q: What if I want two playlists of the same length from the same source playlists?

A: The algorithm for creating the playlist randomizes the songs included, so they won't be the same playlist, even if their duration is the same and their sources are the same.